Are Vapor Cigarettes Right for Me?

Vapor CigarettesIf you’ve been curious about switching from cigarettes to vapor cigarettes, come to the experts – Aqua Smoke! We provide consumers with all of the products and solutions to help them get started and begin enjoying their customized vaporizer. Vapor cigarettes offer many benefits, such as:

  • A multitude of flavors for you to select, try, and enjoy.
  • You’ll spend less money on vaporizers than you would on cigarettes.
  • The vapors from vapor cigarettes smell like the flavor you’ve selected, so you can eliminate bad smoking odors in your car, hair, clothes, and belongings.
  • An excellent means to quit smoking. You’ll be able to continue doing the part of smoking that’s the hardest to quit – the habit of going on smoke breaks and the practice of smoking.

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What’s in a Vaporizer?

Vapor cigarettes may seem small, but there are a lot of components packed into that compact package to make everything work and give you the experience of smoking. If you’re curious how vapor cigarettes in Tampa FL work, here is a list of what’s inside:

  • Battery – There are different types of batteries that can be used, but this is one of the most important elements of your vapor cigarette.
  • Atomizer – The atomizer or heating coil is what is responsible for turning the e-liquid into vapor.
  • Cartridges – The cartridge holds the e-liquid. The cartridge does have to be replaced with frequent use.
  • Drip tips – The drip tip is the mouthpiece for the vapor cigarette.
  • E-liquid – The e-liquid comes in various flavors and they contain the nicotine.

The Vaporize Products We Offer in Tampa

Some of our products include:Electronic Cigarette Cases

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