What are the Benefits of Vapor Cigarettes?

Vapor CigarettesHave you always been curious about making the switch to a vaporizer cigarette, but never knew where to start? Aqua Smoke has all of the products and solutions to help you get started enjoying the vapor cigarette that’s right for you today. The benefits of vapor cigarettes are:

  • Flavor – Choose from a broad range of flavors to fit your tastes.
  • No bad odors – Eliminate cigarettes causing your hair, breath, clothes, and car to smell like smoke.
  • Lower cost – Vapor alternatives are cheaper than buying cigarettes.
  • Quit smoking – Switching to our nicotine vaporizer cigarettes will allow you to manage your nicotine levels in order to quit smoking gradually. One of the hardest parts about quitting smoking is leaving behind the habit and lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to, and our products will allow you to maintain these while helping you quit.

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Miami’s Leading Vapor Cigarette Products

Aqua Smoke offers a wide array of options and accessories for your convenience and enjoyment. We have everything you need to start customizing your vapor cigarette, Miami residents! The vaporizer products we offer are:Electronic Cigarette Cases

  • Starter kits
  • Chargers and Batteries
  • Drip tips (your choice of style and color)
  • Tanks (your choice of color)
  • Vaporizers
  • Cases and stands
  • An exceptional selection of flavors

What is an Atomizer?

An atomizer is responsible for heating liquid to the point of vaporization. An atomizer consists of a small heating coil and a wicking material. The wicking material soaks up the liquid and funnels it into a coil. The atomizer is connected to a battery, which the coil uses to actually create the vapor once the liquid reaches it. The most traditional method used in atomizers is the direct dripping method. Many experienced vapor cigarette users swear by this method. When you use this product, you should be aware:

  • It has a strong vapor production
  • It offers solid and consistent flavor
  • It can be messy
  • It needs to be refilled, frequency will depend on usage

What are the components of a vaporizer?

In order for an electronic cigarette to offer the same experience as a traditional cigarette (without many of the negative side effects) there is a lot of technology involved. The following components of a vaporizer make up your e-cigarette:
  • Electronic cigarette battery: The main component and most critical part of your e-cigarette.
  • Lithium ion cell: The power source of the e-cigarette
  • Aluminum shell: The exterior of your e-cigarette
  • Sensor: When you inhale, the sensor triggers the smart chip which signals the battery to charge the atomizer.
  • Smart chip microprocessor: This is where most of the technology that makes an e-cigarette possible lies. It engages the atomizer.
  • E-cigarette cartridges: These disposable devices are filled with nicotine juice and contain the atomizer.
  • Atomizer: The atomizer turns the nicotine liquid into vapor.
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You’ll enjoy the benefits of switching to our vapor cigarettes and we look forward to helping you find the product that will meet your expectations, preferences, and tastes. For more information, contact us today and learn more about the vapor products and components we offer!

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