What’s in a Vaporizer?

For how small a vaporizer can be, it’s amazing the parts it can fit! All of them work together to give you a satisfying puff. 
  • Batteries – There are different batteries to choose from, depending on if you have a mechanical mod or an electrical mod.
  • Atomizers – This is the part that turns e-liquid into vapor. 
  • Cartridges – These are used in e-cigarettes that have an atomizer that is separate from a tank.
  • Cartomizers – These vaporizer parts are a combination of a cartridge and tank.
  • Drip-tips – These are the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette and come in all different shapes and sizes. 
 We carry high-quality parts for the best vapor cigarettes in Orlando. If you need a part replaced or want to create your own custom vaporizer, give us a call today!
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