Vaping is the process of using products that produce vapor and not smoke. An e-cig or a vape is a battery powered stick that provides a traditional smoking sensation but it does not contain tobacco or produce smoke. Vaping is helpful for people looking to quit smoking cigarettes. An e-cig does not produce smoke and instead the user exhales vaporized water. Here is a list of parts you will need to purchase to start vaping:
  • The casing or exterior of the e-cigarette: This is the part the holds all components of an e-cig. You can choose a cylindrical shaped casing to give the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. You can even choose options that will give you an artificially lit tip to make the experience as realistic as possible. You can also choose a casing option that is shaped differently if you want to distance yourself from smoking.
  • A re-fillable cartridge: This part holds the liquid that you smoke. 
  • E-liquid: This is the liquid that you smoke from an e-cig. You can choose from a variety of flavors and compositions. Some are even nicotine free. 
  • An atomizer and heating element: These two parts of the e-cig work together to cause the e-liquid to turn into vapor.
  • A battery: This powers the electronic cigarette. You can choose from disposable and rechargeable options. 
 You can make your e-cig as complex or simple as you desire. We have all-in-one models or you can purchase each piece individually to customize your vaping experience. Contact AquaSmoke today. Our experienced, highly trained and friendly staff can help determine your vaping needs and choose the right products for you.