Vaping and E-Cigs were originally designed to help people stop smoking cigarettes. Aquasmoke's biggest goal is to help people find better health one step at a time. If you are trying to get off smoking cigarettes or are trying to find a reliable company to provide your vaping needs, look no further as Aquasmoke is highly reputable and located in hundreds of stores. In this blog, we are going to be busting some of the biggest myths about electronic cigarettes or vaporizer cigs.

If you are new to the world of vaping or E-cigarettes, you may be wondering how they work, and if they are worth it to switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping. Is vaping better for me? Will vaping harm me? These are all questions that are answered below. If you are interested in trying vaping for the first time, or interested in trying out our brand, we have a special discount for new users as well as people who already vape. The coupon code for people looking to switch is newuser15 to receive a 15% off your entire purchase, including our already discounted starter kit.

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1. Myth: There are still questionable ingredients in vaporizer cigarettes.

This is possible if you are ordering or buying from someone who is not reputable. Reputable and the best vaping will come from dealers who will offer premium products as well as be able to tell you what is in your product. Aquasmoke offers premium E-Liquid and we can give you any information you need. You can trust in the quality of Aquasmokes products.

2. Myth: E-Cigarettes are expensive.

A lot of the biggest names out there do have very expensive starter packages. Aquasmoke has the best pricing on the markets for vaping needs, including vaping and e-cig kits as well as liquids and hardware. The majority of your vaporizer cigarette is re-useable. Vaporizer cigarettes are very competitively priced and in many cases are actually less expensive than conventional cigarettes.

3. Myth: Vapor cigarettes still product second-hand smoke.

One of the biggest purposes behind vaping is not smoking, and so it produces a form of vapor in the air, which vapor is just water heated up. No second hand-smoke, but it is always nice to be courteous to people and not blow vape in their face. They produce a vapor, which is odorless.