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What’s in a Vaporizer?

Posted by Chris Yano on 2/28/2015
For how small a vaporizer can be, it’s amazing the parts it can fit! All of them work together to give you a satisfying puff. 
  • Batteries – There are different batteries to choose from, depending on if you have a mechanical mod or an electrical mod.
  • Atomizers – This is the part that turns e-liquid into vapor. 
  • Cartridges – These are used in e-cigarettes that have an atomizer that is separate from a tank.
  • Cartomizers – These vaporizer parts are a combination of a cartridge and tank.
  • Drip-tips – These are the mouthpiece of your e-cigarette and come in all different shapes and sizes. 
 We carry high-quality parts for the best vapor cigarettes in Orlando. If you need a part replaced or want to create your own custom vaporizer, give us a call today!

Vaping 101

Posted by Chris Yano on 2/26/2015
Vaping is the process of smoking an electronic cigarette or e-cig. An e-cig is a battery powered cigarette that has a similar feel to smoking a traditional cigarette, but it does not contain tobacco. An e-cig does not produce smoke and instead the user exhales vaporized water. Here is a list of parts you will need to purchase to start vaping:

Busting Myths on Vaporizer Cigarettes

Posted by Chris Yano on 1/19/2015
If you are new to the world of vaporizer cigarettes, you may be wondering how they work, if they really give you the experience of smoking, and if they are worth switching to over conventional cigarettes. These are common thoughts for new users, so we’ve put together some facts to help you integrate into using vaporizer cigarettes.

Vapor Cigarette Basics

Posted by Chris Yano on 1/16/2015
Vapor cigarettes continue to increase in popularity, but many people are still unsure if they should make the switch from the traditional cigarette they've known for so long. Vapor cigarettes, also known as a vapor pen or vape pen, use a heating element to turn a concentrate, like wax or flavored liquid, into white water vapor. Since nothing is being burned, there is no ash or smoke. Vapor cigarettes are about the size and shape of a fountain pen and are powered by rechargeable batteries. Concentrates come in three forms, but the majority of vapor cigarettes are not compatible with all three.

The Definition of Vaping

Posted by Chris Yano on 12/15/2014
Are you wondering what is vaping

Vaping is the process of smoking an electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cig. An electronic cigarette is an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. It has three main components: a battery, a heating element, and a refillable cartridge. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit many different needs. When choosing an e-cig, the consumer can decide what features matter most and choose a device that best fits his or her specific needs. Some customers prefer longer battery life, while others want enhanced performance, and still others want a certain look.

The Top 5 Fishing Charters in Florida

Posted by Chris Yano on 12/5/2014
For the avid fisherman, Florida is a dream come true. You would be hard-pressed to find another location that is so extraordinarily beautiful and has numerous fish of all shapes and kinds just waiting to be caught. If you're looking for a fishing trip that is unlike any other, hop aboard one of these incredible fishing charters that are sure to have even the newest fisherman absolutely hooked.

5 Travel Apps That Will Help You Plan Your Next Vacation

Posted by Chris Yano on 11/30/2014
Making travel plans can be a chore. There are lots of things to consider, from hotel bookings to car rentals, and everything in between. Luckily, there are apps that can help you to keep everything organized. Here are five travel apps that will help you plan your next vacation.

E-Cig Scams: When "Free" Isn't Free

Posted by Aqua Smoke on 10/28/2014
E-Cig Scams: When
Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars on so-called free trials, it's better to look for an inexpensive starter kit and buy it outright. For as little as $36, you can obtain a kit consisting of the battery, cartridge or cartomizer unit and charger, and a bottle of e-liquid or a few cartridge refills.