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Busting Myths on Vaporizer Cigarettes

Posted by Chris Yano on 1/19/2015

If you are new to the world of vaporizer cigarettes, you may be wondering how they work, if they really give you the experience of smoking, and if they are worth switching to over conventional cigarettes. These are common thoughts for new users, so we’ve put together some facts to help you integrate into using vaporizer cigarettes. If you are interested in trying a vaporizer cigarette in Tampa, Aqua Smoke Florida is the best place to go to get everything you need and to get all of your questions answered.

1. Myth: There are still questionable ingredients in vaporizer cigarettes.

This could be true if you aren’t getting your cartridges from a reputable company. Reputable dealers will offer premium products as well as be able to tell you what is in the product so you can research any ingredients yourself.

2. Myth: E-Cigarettes are expensive.

The majority of your vaporizer cigarette is re-useable. After the initial purchase, you will only have a small investment. Vaporizer cigarettes are very competitively priced and in many cases are actually less expensive than conventional cigarettes.

3. Myth:  Vapor cigarettes still product second-hand smoke.

The whole purpose of a vaporizer cigarette is that they don’t product smoke, so there is no way they can produce second hand smoke! They produce a vapor, which is odorless.